X Underworld

X Underworld

April 2022

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About X Underworld

PROLOGUE: In the 22nd century, a vast organization has infiltrated every corner of the metaverse. In the long run, they have a lot of wealth. One day in 2130, a group of people are betrayed in a blockchain transaction, and the traitor provides important information to the enemy. This led to the group being hacked and disbanded. Members scattered to all corners of the metaverse, and the core members who served as the financial addresses of the organization disappeared. In order to retrieve members of the organization and the vault, the head of the organization uploads all member information to Metaverse in encrypted form. Every time you find a member, you get the wealth of the organization. The leader splits the member information into 10,000 nfts and uploads it encrypted to Metaverse. Behind each member, there may be a huge wealth of this organization hidden! !

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