Polyrare Alpha Pass

Unlock access to powerful tools that help you to grow your NFT collection and make profit.

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Why hold a pass?

Our alpha pass is packed with great features to help you get the most out of NFTs

Mint alerts

Get alerted to free & popular mints on Polygon, Ethereum & Avalanche

Omnichcian Alerts NEW!

Get alerted when we detect omnichain mints using the traverse method

Universal Dapp

Mint from Polyrare alerts quickly using our universal minting Dapp

Premint Scanner

Fresh lists of new premint raffles every hour in our Discord

Daily Giveaways

We give away NFTs every day to pass holders in our Discord server

Contract Builder

Create simple ERC721a smart contracts without code by using our innovative contract builder

How to access alerts?

Alerts are provided through our Discord server, locked to holders who own an Alpha Pass. We also discuss some of the best upcoming projects and give away promising NFTs every day to our holders.