ValiBots NFTs

ValiBots NFTs

January 2023

200.00 Matic
5000 Supply
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About ValiBots NFTs

ValiBots is a collection of Deflationary Asset Backed NFTs ready to change the NFT space for the better. ValiBots will use our proprietary trading bot system to purchase validators and master nodes at a rate never seen before. MINTING 1.23.23 👉 Well known and respected dev team 👉 No Tokens, dAPPS or ponzinomics 👉Bringing the two best ways to earn revenue on the blockchain together in one project 👉Simple! Buy NFTs, Hold NFTs and watch the team push up the floor price by adding validator assets and through sweeping and burning the floor with royalties.” 👉Trading bots will help compound validators faster than just buying validators alone. 👉Fair NFT launch with an incredible 1:1 collection that will be deflationary

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