Real Money Apes

Real Money Apes

February 2022

60.00 Matic
10000 Supply
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About Real Money Apes

Real Money Apes Club is an NFT collective. If you hate bad and unfair launches this is the one for you ! Our contract is verified, our founders are doxed, our dapp is already coded and tested and our Opensea is already public. The aim of the collective is to take the funds from launch and invest them in to DEFI, Play2Earn games and trusted HIGH YEILD DEFI Platforms like Defi Kingdoms as well as flipping Pyhsical Real Estate with holders of the NFT being paid out monthly after the first 60 days from the accumulated profits.The long term goal is to expand the Club's capital holdings to a point where the projects (Real Estate and DEFI) provide notable stable passive income from holding a dope piece of APE Art.

Does the transaction look like it will fail?

If the transaction looks like it will fail, do not continue. Sometimes projects launch later than planned or have a non-standard mint function that isn't compatible with our widget.

*Always DYOR. We are not affiliated with any of the projects we list, we just provide a user-friendly platform for creators to launch their projects. Always DYOR before minting.