Pyme early access pass

Pyme early access pass

March 2022

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About Pyme early access pass

🤝What is Pyme: Pyme is a marketplace for hiring and work in web3. Get Paid Instantly, Secured with smart contracts and backed by proof of work NFTs. Pyme early ACCESS PASS is a collection of 10,000 standard tokens that bring benefits to the holders. The perks you get as a pyme early access holder - 🚀Access to Beta features on Pyme 💥Genesis profile badge 🤝First access to Pyme bounties 📣Feedback and voting on product features! The project is developing a marketplace, where workers and hirers are able to connect and work for delivering the best results that are backed by proof of work NFTs. It’s secured with smart contracts and most importantly workers get paid instantly. Pyme isn’t just another platform to find a job, but it's a community that will keep growing and making the future of work easier and trustworthy.

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