May 2022

2.00 Matic
19949 Supply
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About Peanz

PEANZ are a small species that sprouts from the dirt in the gardens of Noodelica. They make for a great sidekick, although some like to kick it alone. They're earnestly driven by the desire to help. However, certain PEANZ feel a calling to pave their own path... Burn your Matic Pean and get your Pean on Eth more info soon!! By L2 Labs 🧬

Does the transaction look like it will fail?

If the transaction looks like it will fail, do not continue. Sometimes projects launch later than planned or have a non-standard mint function that isn't compatible with our widget.

*Always DYOR. We are not affiliated with any of the projects we list, we just provide a user-friendly platform for creators to launch their projects. Always DYOR before minting.