Nacho Luchadors

Nacho Luchadors

May 2022

42.99 Matic
3333 Supply
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About Nacho Luchadors

Nacho Luchadors is a collection of 3,333 upgradeable luchador NFTs on Polygon. HOW IT WORKS Feed your NFT to increase weight. Train to increase skills. You can earn and fight in the ring for a shot at winning tokens. Our 3D gameplay will be unlike anything crypto has seen yet. SALE STRUCTURE Luchadors can be minted for 0.02 ETH (42.99 MATIC) at Whitelist Mint on May 31 for our limited-time FEEDING FRENZY and faster LEVEL-UPS. • Stake 20 $NACHO to get WL • At Mint, there is a 3x accelerator on feeding & weight gain until Open Market • At Open Market, there is a 2x accelerator on feeding & weight gain for 14 days • Holders of more than 200 $NACHO will get priority WL • Holders of $NBOND will get airdropped a free NFT

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