May 2022

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META SALVATION XX | 0.02 ETH The Meta Salvation XX is a premium NFT collection, stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The story of project is linked to the post-apocalyptic world and 10,000 unique women characters. Gamification level and owner experience is a vital part of the project. Visit for more details. INSPIRATION FOR OUR PROJECT YEAR 2020. The world has been hit by a GREAT PANDEMIC OF A VIRUS. A deep health, ethical, political and economic crisis is affecting the entire planet. Great geopolitical changes are taking place and World War III is breaking out. In just 5 years, the planet's population has decreased by more than 80% due to the pandemic and war. These 5 years have been historically named: "THE PERIOD OF GREAT CHAOS" YEAR 2025. WORLD WAR III and all the world conflicts have ended. Disagreements between nations have been cleared and absolute peace has been established. Society strives for progress in all spheres of existence - UTOPIA after darkness and horrors. The world is globalized and there is only one country - EARTH. The common goal of all residents is one - EARTH worthy of our descendants. The entire society and the entire planet have entered a new phase of sustainable development and existence: "THE NEW AGE" YEAR 2030. GREAT ALERT! Individuals of extraterrestrial origin infiltrated into the population have been identified. It was also discovered that a foreign factor is the cause of the GREAT CHAOS. The primary goal is to prepare for the arrival of the colonizers and the complete colonization of the EARTH for exploitation of resources. That means: "TOTAL WAR" YEAR 2035. The planet is in chaos, and the colonizers have established control in most of the world. GREAT FIGHT. The end is very near... "ALL MEN MUST DIE" YEAR 2040. The last days of the world as we know it. With the utmost efforts, a sustainable spaceship has been built for 10.000 girls of various professional profiles and a modest legacy of human civilization - the Modern Noah's Ark. This is all that is left of us. We have to go further into the unknown. A NEW BEGINNING. That is our: "ONLY HOPE" ROAD MAP May 29th | Meta Salvation XX SALE Date: 29.05.2022. Price: 0.02 ETH June | TREASURE HUNT WIN FAMOUS NFTs Full experienced game with lottery June | Meta Salvation XY July | Meta Salvation TOKEN Unlock more in Meta Salvation World July | Meta Salvation REVENGERS FREE CLAIM to Meta Salvation XX & Meta Salvation XY owners SOON | Meta Salvation STORE Clothing brand ABOUT COLLECTION Premium NFT collection 10.000 unique Avatars Ethereum Blockchain Metadata uploaded to IPFS Hand-drawn Traits - 37 x Hairstyles - 36 x Outfits - 24 x Accessories - 22 x Eyes - 20 x Lips - 21 x Backgrounds - 6 x Skin Generated Traits - 204 x Characters - 13 x Professions - 12 x Horoscopes

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