Masked Murderer Gang

Masked Murderer Gang

March 2022

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About Masked Murderer Gang

the Murderer gang is a community and charity focused project with 10k in the collection however only 1200 currently minted - The road map currently as it stands will be re-constructed with community guidance as a change of owner ship will take place to OVERNOUT. but the over goal of returning to the community with an end goal of a physical return to a underprivileged community IRL will remain unchanged. Meta and gaming may or may no be possible due to constraints of the team - unless more developers are identified and able to come aboard to succeed on those road map phase's . Current road map is : Phase 1 -Release Discord ✅ -Release Website to mint. ✅ -Socials & Community Development (ongoing) -Build a financial infrastructure in the Discord ✅ Phase 2 -Launching the Discord Casino ✅ -Giving back to the community (Cash giveaways and Events) Phase 3 -Mint 3000 Masked Murderer -The community decides to what organication we donate 5000$ once all the 10k Murderer are minted Phase 4 -Mint 6000 Masked Murderer -Big Cash Giveaway. We will select 10 MMG Holder out of the 100 biggest Holder that get 0.05 ETH each -Release of the Masked Murderer P2E Game. -Implementation of a Masked Murderer token as a currency to further grow in the financial areas Phase 5 -Mint 10000 Masked Murderer -Floor sweep events -Cash price giveaways -The 5000$ charity donation Phase 6 -Every Masked Murderer Holder will get 1 Masked Cock NFT from the upcoming collection -Release of the second game in the Masked Murderer Universe: "Masked Cock Fight" the P2E gaming most likely will change to Staking with a MMG dedicated token. If you require any further question Kohai let me know OvrNout. OvrAndOut#2328

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