April 2022

5.00 Matic
2500 Supply
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About Marion

"Marion" is the first Music NFT release by world touring bassist and song writer, Elliot Kid Danger. Following a successful NFT artwork drop in February, this next release is set to build on the community centred utility already established. This next collection is the first music NFT to implement passive earning of our very own $DangerCoin through staking. Imagine a virtual "radio" where your Music NFTs are played and you earn $DangerCoin based on the rarity of that track...well, you've just imagined our next drop! As always, being part of Vandal Corp you can expect the usual big rewards (we've already rewarded our NFT holders with Apple Watches, Crypto Currency and free entry to our game nights) and regular events. We've worked hard to create a thriving and exciting community! Now we want you to join the Vandals!

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