Identity Faces - NFTs to Support Social Actions in the middle of Amazon Forest

Identity Faces - NFTs to Support Social Actions in the middle of Amazon Forest

April 2022

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About Identity Faces - NFTs to Support Social Actions in the middle of Amazon Forest

Identity Faces is a handmade painting collection by Freyzer, that offers us an entry point into the variety and richness that lies beneath every face we encounter in life. He is an artist from Boca da Valeria, in Amazonas-Brazil, who conquered the World with his paintings. Now he wants to give the same opportunity to the children from his village by teaching them and supporting their humble families. Through the selling of his NFT's, part of the profit is destined to make this project come to reality and help art to save lives. BOCA DA VALÉRIA Boca da Valeria is charming. This population of about 100 families welcomes you to experience their humble settlement. It is typical of hundreds of villages scattered across the Amazon Rainforest. Most river communities covet their isolation. They have adopted some aspects of Western culture such as clothing, electricity and communications. Yet they prefer to live simple, undisturbed lives as their ancestors did for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived at the start of the 16th century. It is located about 850 miles from the ocean along the Lower Amazon River. The village is at the easternmost edge of the Amazonas state on the border of the state of Pará. All transportation is by boat. Small crafts are adequate for local navigation. Riverboats like these are used to travel to cities to purchase supplies. The closest one is Parintins about 20 miles away. Larger nearby cities are Santarém and Manaus. SOCIAL Boca da Valeria Social has brought into the community the benefits of public art interventions and in one area can be seen in health, cognitive and psychological development, and interpersonal bonds. For the community, public art promotes economic, cultural and social development. But these changes are fortunately not restricted to theory. The project invites all interested people to make their art throughout the region's five communities. If before the Valeria region was known as just a rural community in the middle of the Amazon forest with no access to art education, today it is becoming a reference and an incredible example of how the art movement can transform a community in a rural area.

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