Homeless Aliens

Homeless Aliens

March 2022

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About Homeless Aliens

Facing the reality of being swallowed by a black hole, more than 500,000 citizens of planet Repavatu desperately traveled through time in the metaverse to find a new home. During their quest, many of them died of hunger, some were attacked by other beings from other planets and others decided to go back and save their planet. Out of the many, only about 4,000 made it to earth. Some were injured, some lost their eyes and limbs. And some even lost the sense of emotion. Hungry, broken, lost, and afraid - will planet Earth be the final hope of survival? Will humans give them refuge? Would you? "Homeless Aliens" is a pixel art NFT project created by Richard Sergeant. The idea emerged one night during a bedtime story session with his kids Zee, 7, and Wally, 4, where they made up a character and plot the story with their imagination.

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