Futures Factory - Capsule 003

Futures Factory - Capsule 003

March 2022

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About Futures Factory - Capsule 003

Futures Factory is a sneakers marketplace and community of +50 footwear designers and brands merging digital and physical worlds. FF's purpose is to empower footwear designers and change the way people consume and interact with sneakers using blockchain, 3D and AR. About Capsule 003 - "XX122" is a reference to the Alien movie franchise and a tribute to H.R. Giger. The Alien franchise is probably one of the most defining Sci-fi movies in history and has influenced creators all over the world. The iconic "Xenomorph" bio-mechanical design from H.R Giger leaves a lasting impression on the viewer conveying both beauty and grotesque at the same time. "XX122" is imagined to be the next generation alien with familiar design cues. The iconic design of the Xenomorph head with a see-through shell exposing the skull is echoed through the clear outsole exposing the bone-like structure inside. The upper takes cues from parametric architecture as well as the use of repetitive patterns, signature of H.R. Giger's art. About the Artist - “I believe in the power of creative freedom with the advent of 3D printing and NFTs.” As a Tokyo-based footwear innovator, Ping has been exploring possibilities to unlock forms and designs previously impossible and bringing them to life in both the physical world and metaverse. Ping's design influences are often from Sci-fi movies and mesmerizing architectures.

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