Fluffy Guinea Pigs

Fluffy Guinea Pigs

March 2022

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About Fluffy Guinea Pigs

Fluffy Guinea Pigs are specially bred and have been living peacefully on the Nordic Region of the metaverse. Each Guinea Pigs is unique and has it’s own personalities. But some are even more unique than others! All traits is hand-drawn by our creators as we respect the value and meaning of art. Fluffy Guinea Pig is only the beginning of our project. Our team is full forced to develop this project on the marketplace. Our aim is to develop a 3D virtual world with different animal communities on the Ethereum Blockchain, not just a club! You will hold the role as your Animal living in this world, building your own house, making friends etc. There are many areas to be developed : Sahara Town, Tundra Square, Rain Forest District and more! Each area is currently under construction and will be ready when the targeted minting percentage is reached as this is a long-term project (Concept: The world is like Club Penguin world but our Fluffy Species.) Learn more about us in: Official Website: http://fluffyfurries.com/# Medium: https://medium.com/@fluffyworldnft/welcome-to-the-furries-club-726600106292 Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/fluffy-guinea-pigs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fluffyfurries_nft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FluffyworldNFT

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