Fazzels Meta Lab

Fazzels Meta Lab

April 2022

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About Fazzels Meta Lab

🧡🔆 Fazzels Meta Lab is a collection of 3000 little "elements" created "accidentally" in a secret laboratory, their genes were randomly mixed for generations, giving rise to the most flowery range of variations. Their goal is to end the world as we know it. But Hey ‼️ not everything is bad, a part of their horde has separated from the rest to counteract them, and their objectives are 1️⃣ to reward those who contribute to their cause, 2️⃣ allocate part of their work to different charitable causes 3️⃣support other creators, to raise awareness and promote good deeds in the world. 🔆🧡 📍 We have a well-detailed roadmap that helps us set viable and achievable goals with the support of all of you as a community, who play a fundamental role. 🫂WE COUNT ON EVERYONE FOR THIS MISSION, DO YOUR PART, YOU WILL BE HELPING A LOT OF PEOPLE 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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