Fairytales Fox Club

Fairytales Fox Club

May 2022

35.00 Matic
20000 Supply
Website Twitter Discord

About Fairytales Fox Club

Through our little buddy, the Inari Fox, we would like to give support to the less fortunate countries. Our first focus will be Ukraine. With every purchase of our buddy you are automatically supporting the country and its people who have lost their homes and their loved once. Furthermore, 5% Royalties will be deducted from our NFT trades in order to support Ukraine. After a certain amount of money is gathered, we will transfer the capital in batches to the people of Ukraine and its government. Moreover we will support trusted charities which are organizing different aid transports to Ukraine and additionally we want to organize truck rides with food, cloths, medicine, hygiene items and drive it to the Ukrainian border and post the proofs later on our website and Twitter. Note: One NFT cost 35 Matic. You can mint max. 50 NFT at once. Minting is Live: https://fairytalesfoxclub.xyz/

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