Crypto Squaries

Crypto Squaries

February 2022

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About Crypto Squaries

Crypto Squaries are the first NFTs that did not want to be NFTs. These cute, happy, food and movie loving Squaries lived their happy life in their square town, enjoying the amazing food the best Squarie Chefs could provide, watching movies and eat lots and lots of ice cream and popcorn. But something terrible happened that changed their life forever. They end up working in a NFT minting factory. That is where the smile from their faces disappeared. Now you, our community, are their only chance. Free them and get that smile back on their faces 😊. The more are free, the more stories we will find out about their lives. Some will let us know how the Zombies came to life, other will tell us how the Roundies were born in the Squaries world. For sure we will have our hero stories with the best 100 army man that tried to defend their town and many more. πŸ’•FREE them now, they will love you forever! πŸ’• Squaries will tell you their story in what we hope to be a great book that will have a series of small stories about special Squaries and the main Squaries story, a book to which all the original minters will have access. We will love to create a great world where you will find out who are these Squaries, how they where born, what they like and what happen to them to end up in this NFT factory where they never planed to be. Holders will have the voting power on how the story will go. Writing contests for our talented community will be held and community will vote the best story. Best stories will be published in a weekly, monthly (not yet determine) series of books in a form of NFT giving the full rights to the writers. We will edit them, add illustrations, mint them and transfer the NFTs to the story tellers. This will be discussed with the community. Join us and have fun discovering or writing the story.

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