Crypto Freight

Crypto Freight

April 2022

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About Crypto Freight

👋Crypto Freight has a unique generative art collection of 5,151 Truck NFTs on the Polygon Network.💯 💥Holders will have access to unique benefits, including an NFT to get started in the Play-To-Earn game soon to be released on BSC.🚚 👉Truck NFT owners are considered buyers of the game's private token sale. Therefore, as an owner of Truck NFT, you will receive a share of the game token when we launch it on PancakeSwap.🤩 👉 Truck NFT owners will be whitelisted for the game token pre-sale. Pre-sales will have their own whitelisting process, although you're guaranteed a spot if you own a Truck NFT.🤩 👉 You will receive a free NFT to play the game. Once the game and token are published, we will give real and in-game gifts to Truck NFT owners so the collection remains relevant and attractive in the market.🤩 ┈➤ Once 500 NFTs are minted: 10 whitelisted addresses will each receive 1% of sales and a Truck NFT.😲 ┈➤ Once 1500 NFTs are minted: 20 addresses that minted in the pre-sale will each receive 0,5% of sales and a Truck NFT.🤩 ┈➤ Once 5000 NFTs are minted: 50 addresses that minted in the public sale will each receive 0,25% of sales and a Truck NFT.😲 ┈➤ Once the entire collection is minted: 151 Truck NFT owners will receive 1 BNB.🤩 ================== || SPECIAL ROLES || =========================== 💪First 1,000 Members Get OG Role. More chances to Win.🤗 ================== || WHITELIST || =========================== ✅We Are Whitelisting Addresses. Don't Miss Out.✅ ================== || GIVEAWAYS || =========================== 🎉Twitter Giveaway: 5 NFTs and 25 Whitelist Spots.🥳 ================== || JOIN NOW || ===========================

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