CoinCollect Bronze NFT

CoinCollect Bronze NFT

May 2022

2.50 Matic
3300 Supply
Website Twitter Discord

About CoinCollect Bronze NFT

CoinCollect is a Decentralized NFT finance Protocol operating on Multi-Chains, that helps NFT traders, high yield farmers, liquidity providers, developers and web 3.0 startups to participate in an open financial market with no barriers to entry. There are 4 types of NFTs CoinCollect has. you can find the details here; Current Starter NFT holders can join Private minting right now! First %5 of each collections is %95 discounted!!! CoinCollect Bronze NFT CoinCollect Bronze NFTs are the cheapest valuable utility NFTs that has all the features of Starter NFTs also 5x more powerful than Starter NFTs. Bronze NFTs earn more than Starter NFTs from pools and airdrops. it also has more chance on whitelists Benefits of CoinCollect NFTs 1- Airdrop 2- Whitelist 3- NFTdrop 4- APY boost 5- NFT Stake

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