BTC Miners

BTC Miners

March 2022

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About BTC Miners

-Giveaway 50,000$ after collection soldout to 50 holders -You wnat to mine bitcoin and electricity not stable ! -You want to mine bitcoin and you want green source of enery ! -You want to earn money from mining and mining machines expensive ! -Your internet not stable ? -My NFT project to let you mining bitcoin without any electricity cost! -Every month we will distribute profits to 1000 holders. -Every month we will give 2 tickets with hotels to random 2 holders . -All Miners have same Hash rate each one 10 MH can generate 10$ every month . -If you own more NFT's you get more profit . -Earning from Miners will be unlocked after collection soldout 10,000 nft. -Every month will give profits to 1000 only until we covered 10000 nft. -Also will give random tickets and hotels paid nights to random members. -Each miner fix price 0.1 ETH . -Buy and hold and add me on instagram . instagram ( coldxzeroart )

Does the transaction look like it will fail?

If the transaction looks like it will fail, do not continue. Sometimes projects launch later than planned or have a non-standard mint function that isn't compatible with our widget.

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