Bored Savannah Club

Bored Savannah Club

May 2022

7.00 Matic
1111 Supply
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About Bored Savannah Club

Bored Savannah Club is a collection of 1,111 delighfully cute savannah cats NFTs living on Polygon Blockchain, created from differents ideas : Gold, Mutant, Zombie, Bored, Doodle, and invisibles. There is a varying rarity across different categories. Every Savannah belongd to a community Faction based on wildlife principles. There will be some special 1/1s versions in the collection, so you might get lucky and mint a super rare one. Our vision is to donate to wildlife foundations as much as we can, after every stages. We want to bring people in the community, showing us there creativity and there animals. Join us on this journey and lets take these Savannahs to the moon.

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