7000 TRYBALS Public Mint on Polygon

7000 TRYBALS Public Mint on Polygon

March 2022

3.00 Matic
7000 Supply
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About 7000 TRYBALS Public Mint on Polygon

Coming from a dimension where past, present and future collide 7000 mysterious humanoids sneaked into Polygon Network to organize themselves in a decentralized, autonomous community: TrybeDAO. Every TRYBALS will grant you access to the best DAO Community on Polygon focused around NFTs and Metaverse, with a bit of DeFi perks! Some utilities? - DAO Governance - $TRYBE Token shares for holders - $TRYBE Token staking - Exclusive Giveaways and Airdrops - DAO Vault for Community assets - Metaverse parcels co-ownership for DAO members ...And a lot of other amazing features! Join the Trybe. for more info visit https://trybedao.com or TRYBALS official links

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