ElonPHANT in the META

ElonPHANT in the META

March 2022

4.00 Matic
3333 Supply
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About ElonPHANT in the META

Introducing Elon, Bitcoin & Dogecoin as you have never seen them before! 3333 Unique NFTs on the Polygon Network. In a love triangle, there are always 3 sides to every story… but the truth is when it comes to Elon, it’s irrelePHANT. Forget Britney Madonna & Christina, Courtney Billy & Kurt Cobain, Diana Charles and Camilla, Jennifer Brad & Angelia Jolie… the love affair between Bitcoin Dogecoin & Elon has proven to be the most dangerous, salacious, and meme-worthy of them all! With a robust presence of 3333 NFT’s in our collection, there’s no more hanging in the void. We’re set on course for a total eclipse – bound to reach the ultimate goal of yet again rewriting our OWN history, the way we want it. The Biggest NFT collection of 2022 is about to be unleashed… & a few stray Shiba Inu’s may join in on the party! This is YOUR opportunity to be apart of the CHANGE. This project and community is FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. MINT PRICE? 2 MATIC for Whitelist. 4 MATIC for Public. You will be able to claim 20 000 ElonPHANT Token coins after you have held your ElonPHANT in the META & ElonPHANT in the Room NFT for 30 days or more. Diamond hands deserve to be rewarded, and we are all about rewarding our ElonPHANT community. Minting this one-of-a-kind NFT is only the beginning – we are not stopping here! ElonPHANT NFT community holders will automatically gain exclusive access to new & upcoming future projects and utilities. Your voices will navigate us. Your choices will move us. Your power will launch us.. to infinity & beyond!

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