Cool Eggs🥚 Party🎉

Cool Eggs🥚 Party🎉

May 2022

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About Cool Eggs🥚 Party🎉

🥚A Private Collection of 2222 Cool Eggs living in Polygon🥚 Made by 15 year old [10% Sales will go to Charity] We are a small community, but we are in the process of growing📈👈 📌PROJECT FOR INVESTORS PROFIT📌 Each Tier will have different prices to make sure investor's Profit & Floor. Prices:1-500= 0.001 ┃ Prices:500-1000=0.002 ┃ Prices:1000-1500=0.003 ┃ Prices:1500-2000=0.004 ┃ Prices:2000-2222=0.005 ┃ ROADMAP 👉 This is not a Crypto Punk nor Bored Ape but this Cool Egg🥚 will eplode in your head🤯.

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