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Elf Game

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About Elf Game

Welcome to our passive, stake to earn (S2E).

Elves are a creature that lives deep in the heart of the forbidden forest hidden from the rest of the world. They lived a quiet life for centuries until the Orcs discovered their hiding place and from that day the life of the elves is not the same.

Every day the Orcs are getting closer and closer to the capitals of the elves and therefore the elves must collect as many supplies of $MANA as possible in order to have the strength to defend themselves from evil Orcs. This is our version of the S2E game! We hope you enjoy your stay in the world of elves and get more $MANA than you ever dreamed.

What is a play to earn game?

Play to earn games allow you to earn rewards while playing games on the blockchain. This includes NFTs, tokens and other rewards.

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